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Drive Social Change at the Speed of Business

Our vision


Admitting that a better operational efficiency and a better well-being at work is a leverage for competitiveness for a company’s success, is nowadays, a classical speech, given by a majority of HR managers.

Yet, putting concrete actions behind this declaration is still a real challenge.

We do not believe that a unique solution exists, but our 15 years of business experience in HR departments and consulting firms have allowed us to study, test and judge the effectiveness of methods and policies. We will share them with you and adapt them to your specificities, values and history.


We will approach the company according to two coexisting perspectives : the organisation and the individuals. Indeed, the best organisation will be inefficient if the employees are not adapted to it, and the most motivated and competent employees will remain limited by a bad organisation.

Concretely ?

Human inceptio resources

HR Organization

Stability et flexibility


You wonder about the relevance of your current and future HR policy and seek to put actions behind the words autonomy, well-being and performance.

We review all the aspects: recruitment, training, communication, administration and we will propose areass of evolution through:

  •      adapted procedures ;

  •      tools and template ;

  •      contacts of useful partners.

An example of a combination that works well:
Organization chart, communication flow,
Scorecard and salary grid.


Pleasure and legitimacy


You do not want traditional management but struggle to formulate it differently.


To facilitate the organization employees have recently been appointed managers but do not know exactly what is behind this function.

We will work on the coherence between your expectations and the know-how of your managers then we will train the people in charge of management regarding the previously clearly defined criteria.



Individuality and cohesion


You seem to have all the useful tools nevertheless friction, vain competitions, lack of communication remain in certain poles or between the poles.

You want to gather a team in a playful environment and give them some keys to communicate effectively according to the different types of personalities.

We allow teammates to better understand their differences, strengths and weaknesses.

This will enable effective communication and faster achievement of expected results.

Our method

To get to know you and validate your needs

We begin by proposing an analysis of your company after having carried out :
- a set of targeted individual interviews ;
- a 360 survey open to all employees.


Action plan and key results

Depending on the objectives that we will have defined in phase 1, we develop a planning including workshop, templates, meeting with representative staff institutions, etc.,
And the indicators measuring the achievement of the defined objectives.


Follow-up and measurement of results

After implementation, we remain available for all questions that might arise

and we plan meetings D + 30, D + 90 to respond to the specific case encountered and measure the achievement of objectives according to the indicators defined in phase 2.

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As an indication, our price is 1000 € / day ex. VAT.
For each project, we offer a global and adapted package.

Calling on us is also having the advantage of being accompanied by a former Head o HR who is familiar with human resources management on a daily basis.

During the accompaniment, other questions might arise and it is with pleasure that we share our experience and our vision on all your problems of the moment.

Our team

Anke Druo

With 15 years of experience in recruitment and management, I have assisted hundreds of individuals and companies in recruiting and change management.

I now assist employees and managers in their career change and job development - individual coaching and training - and companies in their recruitment policy.

Neuro Linguistic Programming certified technician
Trained in Process Communication and non violent communication

Silja Druo


15 years of professional experience as lawyer and then head of HR in startups (Captain Train, Swelen) and SMEs (Kwanko, Trainline) in which I have experienced exponential growth, opening of international antennas, acquisition and absorption.

I particularly like to work and develop efficient processes and tools for an effective day to day management and team motivation. I now propose these methodologies to companies willing to strengthen their HR organization with assistance in their practical implementation.

Certified Coach in Communication Process
Trained in the organizational theory of Bern

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