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Intervention at Thefamily - A must have : a transparent salary grid

Et voici des extraits présentant les avantages d'une grille salariale transparente.

Conférence : "How to manage HR in startups?" by Silja Druo, Former Head of HR @Captain Train

22 février Meetup at TheFamily

If you know that "The Team is everything", you know that recruiting is one of hardest part of building startups.

If you add that startup means growth, it often means going from 1 to tens or hundreds of employees in a short time.

How do you manage Human Resources through that growth? And how your HR policies should evolve according to your startup and product needs?

Silja Druo, cofounder @H Inceptio and former Head of HR & Administration @CaptainTrain, will explain how to have a global strategy which enable you to build evolutionary HR policies consistent with your final goal. 🔥

Captain Train has been acquired by Trainline for up to $189 millions. Before, Silja had to handle human ressources during high growth period. Going from 30 to 60 people and making sure everybody was aligned and happy on this skyrocket.

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